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Q. How do I find the Lecture I missed?

You have 3 methods if finding what you are looking for:

1. Use the search function to type in the topic of the lecture you missed, for example searching for “Significant Figures” will bring up any lecture where I talked about Significant Figures. Note: some search terms will apply to both biology and chemistry, make sure to click on the posts that apply to the class you are enrolled in.

2. Use the quick-jump calendar to click on the date that you missed class, this will bring up any lectures that I gave on that day. Note: each day will have 2 posts, one for biology and one for chemistry, you will need to select the post for the class you are enrolled in.

3. If you missed a recent day you may have luck just browsing through the most recent posts for your class select your class from the menu on the right to view the most recent posts.

Q. Ok, I found the post, now what?

Click the “Show Video Lecture” button, this will show the full post. Each post will have a standard format with a couple key items:

1. A list of notebook pages covered during that day, if a printed worksheet was given out, it will be available in .pdf (adobe acrobat) format for you to print.

2. A video of the lecture given in class. On days where we took notes you should watch the video and take notes just as you would in class.

Q. How can I contact you if I’m having problems?

Please use Edsby to message me, this is the quickest way to get a response from me.