Worksheets & Handouts

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#R1 Title Page

#R2 Chemistry Course Handbook

#R3 Chemistry Safety Rules

#R4 Syllabus & Online Textbook

#R5 Naming Reference Sheet

#R6 Periodic Table & Formula Sheet

#R7 Turitin & Measurements

Unit 9 The Mole

Mole-Particle & Mole-Volume Conversion Practice

Molar Mass & Mole-Mass Conversion Practice

Mixed Mole Conversions

Percent Composition

Empirical & Molecular Formulas

Unit 9 Mole Test Review

A-Mole-zing Race Lab

Unit 8 Chemical Reactions

Chemical Reactions & Classifying Reactions WS

Classifying Reaction Notes & Flowchart

Balancing Chemical Reactions

Word Equations & Predicting Products WS

Unit 8 Test Review

Unit 7 Nomenclature

Ionic Nomenclature & Roman Numeral Notes

Naming Ionic & Writing Formulas

Ionic Roman Numerals & Molecular

Mixed Review

Unit 7 Test Review & Sweet Sixteen

Ionic Compounds Lab

Unit 6 Bonding

Ch 6 Study Guide

EDot Rules & Polarity WS

Molecular Shapes Practice

Polarity Notes & IMF.R.H Notes

Chemical Bonding Lab

Unit 6 Bonding Test Review

Unit 5 Periodic Table

Lesson 5.1 WS

Color Coding PT

Unit 5 Periodic Table Test Review

Mendeleev Lab & Bracket

Unit 4 Electrons

Lesson 4.1 WS

Lesson 4.1 SG

Lesson 4.2 WS

Lesson 4.2 SG

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Flame Test Lab

Electron Configuration Practice

Unit 4 Electrons Test Review

Unit 3 Nuclear Chemistry

Nuclear Power Plants Article

Nuclear Waste Disposal Article

Nuclear Decay Reactions

Half Life Problems

Mixed Review & Uranium Decay Series

Unit 3 Nuclear Test Review

Candium Lab

Unit 2 Atomic Structure

Matter Review

Atomic Poetry & Element Story WS

Atomic Structure WS

Average Atomic Mass & History of Atom Infographic

Mixed Review

Unit 2 Atomic Structure Test Review

Unit 1 Intro to Chemistry

Math Placement Test Review

Scientific Method Planning Sheet & Safety in the Laboratory Questions

Bunsen Burner Reading & Questions

Equipment & Lab Map

Images of Lab Equipment with functions (not handed out individually to students)

Units & Measurement

Sig Fig Rules & DA Practice

Significant Figures Practice

Accuracy, Precision, Percent Error

Unit 1 Intro to Chem Test Review

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