Worksheets & Handouts

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#R1 Title Page

#R2 Chemistry Course Handbook

#R3 Chemistry Safety Rules

#R4 Syllabus & Online Textbook

#R5 Naming Reference Sheet

#R6 Periodic Table & Formula Sheet

#R7 Turitin & Measurements

Semester Review

Semester Review Units 9-12

Semester Review Units 13-16

Unit 16 Thermochemistry & Reaction Rates

Intro to Heating Curves

Energy for Temperature & Phase Changes

Total Energy Changes

Calorimetry Practice

Calorimetry Lab

Kinetics Summary

Unit 16 Thermochemistry & Kinetics Test Review

Unit 15 Redox

Redox Notes & Assigning Oxidation Numbers WS

Mixed Review & Redox Half Reactions WS

Half Reactions & Unit 15 Test Review WS

Unit 14 Acids & Bases

Naming Acids, Bases, & Salts Notes

Acid, Base, or Salt WS

Acid-Base Reactions & Bronsted-Lowry

pH Practice Table

pH Math

Acid-Base Titrations

TitrationSE Gizmo docx

TitrationSE Gizmo odt

TitratoinSE Gizmo rtf

Unit 14 Acid-Base Test Review

Unit 13 Solutions

Molarity & Molality WS

Colligative Properties

Mixed Practice

Solubility Curves & Saturation WS

Ice Cream Lab

Unit 13 Solutions Test Review

Solubility & Temperature Student Guide

Unit 12 Gases

Gas Pressure Conversions & Dalton Partial Pressure

Gas Law Problems

Mixed Gas Laws Problems

Ideal Gas Law Problems

Mixed Practice

Unit 12 Gas Laws Test Review

Unit 11 States of Matter

Unit 11 Packet

Unit 10 Stoichiometry

Stoich WS & Limiting Reactant Practice

Stoich Worksheet More

Funnel Cake Lab

Percent Yield WS

Unit 10 Stoichiometry Test Review

Unit 9 The Mole

Mole-Particle & Mole-Volume Conversion Practice

Molar Mass & Mole-Mass Conversion Practice

Mixed Mole Conversions

Percent Composition

Empirical & Molecular Formulas

Unit 9 Mole Test Review

A-Mole-zing Race Lab

Unit 8 Chemical Reactions

Chemical Reactions & Classifying Reactions WS

Classifying Reaction Notes & Flowchart

Balancing Chemical Reactions

Word Equations & Predicting Products WS

Unit 8 Test Review

Unit 7 Nomenclature

Ionic Nomenclature & Roman Numeral Notes

Naming Ionic & Writing Formulas

Ionic Roman Numerals & Molecular

Mixed Review

Unit 7 Test Review & Sweet Sixteen

Ionic Compounds Lab

Unit 6 Bonding

Ch 6 Study Guide

EDot Rules & Polarity WS

Molecular Shapes Practice

Polarity Notes & IMF.R.H Notes

Chemical Bonding Lab

Unit 6 Bonding Test Review

Unit 5 Periodic Table

Lesson 5.1 WS

Color Coding PT

Unit 5 Periodic Table Test Review

Mendeleev Lab & Bracket

Unit 4 Electrons

Lesson 4.1 WS

Lesson 4.1 SG

Lesson 4.2 WS

Lesson 4.2 SG

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Flame Test Lab

Electron Configuration Practice

Unit 4 Electrons Test Review

Unit 3 Nuclear Chemistry

Nuclear Power Plants Article

Nuclear Waste Disposal Article

Nuclear Decay Reactions

Half Life Problems

Mixed Review & Uranium Decay Series

Unit 3 Nuclear Test Review

Candium Lab

Unit 2 Atomic Structure

Matter Review

Atomic Poetry & Element Story WS

Atomic Structure WS

Average Atomic Mass & History of Atom Infographic

Mixed Review

Unit 2 Atomic Structure Test Review

Unit 1 Intro to Chemistry

Math Placement Test Review

Scientific Method Planning Sheet & Safety in the Laboratory Questions

Bunsen Burner Reading & Questions

Equipment & Lab Map

Images of Lab Equipment with functions (not handed out individually to students)

Units & Measurement

Sig Fig Rules & DA Practice

Significant Figures Practice

Accuracy, Precision, Percent Error

Unit 1 Intro to Chem Test Review

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