Worksheets & Handouts

Sample Papers

Sample Papers can be found in this OneDrive folder

Please be sure to update your Table of Contents and number each page in your PREP binder.


Binder Cover Page

APCR Course Handbook

Practical Research PPTs (you must message Mrs. Tait for her to directly send you the PDF)

ISEF Categories & Scholarly vs Popular Sources

Problem Statements & Evaluate RQs

Expert Adviser Toolkit and Notes

Chapter 4 Questions

PHRP and APCR Request Form

Stats Flow Chart & Visualizing Data

Charts and Graphs in the Academic Paper (did not provide a hard copy of this PowerPoint, but included here for reference)

Chapter 8 Jigsaw Questions


Academic Paper Rubric

POD Rubric

50 Source Assignment Directions & Turnitin Directions

Quarter 2 Checklist

AP Capstone Research Request Form

Updated Quarter 2 Checklist

Literature Review Web Diagram

Semester 2 Checklist 19-20

Intro and Lit Review Section Guide

Peer Review Intro & Lit Review Directions

Intro & Lit Review Reflection Directions & Rubric

Methods Section Guide

Peer Review Methods Section

Methods Reflection Directions

Results, Discussion, & Conclusion Section Guides

Peer Review RDC

RDC Reflection Directions

Reverse Outline Directions

Sample Reverse Outline

Final Paper 2nd Draft Reflection

Peer Review: Academic Paper Revision 1

Paper Element Peer Review – Step 1

Paper Element Peer Review – Step 2

Word Count Worksheet

Similarity Report Assignment

Academic Paper Submission Checklist

Final Paper Checklist

Mrs. Tait’s Checklist

Submitted to Mrs. Tait or non-binder papers

Capstone Consent Form

FLA-PASS Application

Expert Adviser Contract

Chief Reader Report 2016

Chief Reader Report 2017

Chief Reader Report 2018

Chief Reader Report 2019

Digital Portfolio Student User Guide


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