Worksheets & Handouts

Sample Papers

Sample Papers can be found in this OneDrive folder

Please be sure to update your Table of Contents and number each page in your PREP binder.

General Binder Papers

Binder Cover Page

ToC 1 Class Instruction

ToC 2 Reflections

ToC 3 Sources

ToC 4 Project Development

ToC 5 Miscellaneous

Class Instruction

APCR Course Handbook

Practical Research Chapter PowerPoints

Transforming a Topic or Issue into a Problem Statement

03_Lesson 3 Developing Revising Research Questions (College Board PPT reviewed but not provided)

Evaluating and Revising Research Questions

Expert Adviser Toolkit Activity

Lit Review Resources Packet

Identifying Scales of Measurement

Identifying Problems with Validity and Reliability in Measurement

Evaluating Consent Forms Table

Evaluating Consent Forms Samples (not part of PREP binder, but for viewing purposes)

Methods Overview and Methods in a Nutshell

Stats Flow Chart & Visualizing Data

Sample Paper Evaluation Form

Sample Paper Scavenger Hunt

50 Source Assignment Info & ISEF Categories


JPP Phase 1

JPP Lit Review Strategies

JPP Methods Reflection

Intro & Lit Review Reflection Directions

Methods Reflection Directions

Findings Analysis Conclusion Reflection Directions

Results Discussion Conclusion Reflection Directions


This will all come from your individual project. All sources included in your Annotated Bibliography must have corresponding full copies of the source either in hard copy form in the PREP or saved in the Sources folder of your APCR folder on OneDrive.

Project Development

Academic Paper Rubric & Decision Tree

POD Rubric & Structure Infographic

Section Guides

Peer Review Intro & Lit Review Directions & Rubric

Peer Review Methods Section

Peer Review Results

Peer Review Findings & Analysis

Peer Review Conclusion (for F & A)

Peer Review Discussion & Conclusion

POD Info & Questions

Audience-Centered Presentations Outline & Storyboard

Reverse Outline

Paper Element Peer Review

Final Paper Peer Edit

Academic Paper Submission Checklist


Expert Adviser Contract (remember, you have a saved version of this in your Miscellaneous OneDrive section)

Quarter 2 Checklist

Semester 2 Checklist

Semester 2 Calendar

Academic Paper Schedule during PODs

Instructional Flyer Assignment

Submitted to Mrs. Tait

Capstone Consent Form

FLA-PASS Application


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