Worksheets & Handouts

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#R1 Periodic Table & Formula Sheet

#R2 AP Chemistry Course Handbook

#R3 Syllabus & MasteringChem Access

#R4 Lab Safety Contract

#R5 Nomenclature Recap

#R6 Math Advice

#R7 Paper & Pencil Math Review

#R8 Measurements & Report Writing


Semester 1 Exam Blue Print

Semester 1 Exam LOs HO

Semester 1 Review

Exam Format & Tips

Abridged Learning Objectives

Exam Tips

Write This, Not That on AP Chemistry Free Response

Unit 14 Electrochemistry (Chapter 20)

Balancing Half Reactions Notes

Half Reaction Method WS

Electrochem I Notes (password is beaker250)

Standard Reduction Potential Table

Electrochem II Notes (password is beaker250)

Venn Diagram & FRQ

Practice Electrochem FRQ

FRA7 Possible Topics

Unit 13 Thermodynamics (Chapter 19)




Thermodynamics Practice FRQ

Unit 12 Thermochemistry (Chapter 5)

Unit 12 Notes & Example Problems

Chapter 5 Thermochemistry Review

FRA6 Possible Topics

FRA6 Review Questions

AP Chemisry Exam Test Prep Schedule 2019

Magnesium Enthalpy of Combustion Lab

Unit 11 Additional Aspects of Aqueous Equilibria (Chapter 17)

Buffers Notes

Buffer & Titration Problems

FRA5 Possible Topics

FRA5 Practice Questions

Titration Notes

Half-Titration Lab

Unit 10 Acids & Bases (Chapter 16)

Unit 10 Acid-Base Notes Packet

First pH Practice & Review Questions

Ka & Kb and FRQ Practice

Acid-Base Virtual Lab

Unit 9 Equilibrium (Chapter 15)

Chemical Equilibrium Part 1 & 2

Equilibrium Practice Problems

Equilibrium Review

LeChatelier Lab

Le Chatelier Lab Data Sheet

Unit 8 Kinetics (Chapter 14)

Unit 8 Notes Packet

Unit 8 Worksheets Packet

Writing Rate Laws from Mechanisms

FRA4 Possible Topics

FRA4 Extra Practice

Crystal Violet Lab

Unit 7 Reactions & Solution Stoichiometry (Chapter 4)

Section 4.1-4.4 Guided Notes

Redox Notes & WS

ME, CIE, NIE Examples & Titration Basics

FRA3 Possible Topics

FRA3 Extra Practice

Triangulating Aqueous Reactions

Equation Practice

Solution Math Notes & Practice FRQ

Solution Math Review

Gravimetric Analysis Virtual Lab

Unit 6 IMFs, Liquids, Solids, Solutions (portions of Chapters 11-13)

IMF Packet

Liquid Notes

Solids Notes

Intro to Heating Curves

IMFs Liquids & Solids Review

Solutions Notes

Separating Mixtures Notes

Unit 5 Gases (Chapter 10)

Gas Law Notes

Gas Laws Examples

Gas Laws Practice WS

Gas Laws FRQ Practice

Air Bag Lab

Unit 4 Bonding & VSEPR (Chapters 8 & 9)

Bonding & IMFs Table

Chemical Bonding Notes

Geometries & Polarities of Molecules with Expanded Octets

Bonding Lab

Chapter 8 and 9 Review

FRA2 Possible Topics

FRA2 Extra Practice

Unit 3 Electrons & Trends (Chapters 6 & 7)

Electron Honors Review

Chapter 6 Notes

PES Notes


Effective Nuclear Charge Notes

Chapter 6 & 7 Review

Unit 2 Stoichiometry (Chapter 3)

Mole Conversion & Empirical Formulas

Combustion Analysis & Stoich Notes

Unit 2 FRA Practice

Unit 2 FRQ Practice

FRA1 Test Topics

Hydrate Lab

Unit 1 Atomic Structure (Chapter 1, 2)

Lab Equipment Functions WS

Sig Fig Rules & Lab Map

Math Skills Practice

Mental Math Assessment WS

Nomenclature Notes

Nomenclature Practice

Mass Spec & Atomic Structure WS

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