Worksheets & Handouts

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#R1 Periodic Table & Formula Sheet

#R2 AP Chemistry Course Handbook

#R3 Syllabus & MasteringChem Access

#R4 Lab Safety Contract

#R5 Nomenclature Recap

#R6 Math Advice

#R7 Paper & Pencil Math Review

#R8 Measurements & Report Writing

Exam Prep

Exam Tips COVID

Write This, Not That on AP Chemistry Free Response

Unit Study Guide Directions

Directions for FRQ completion

Monday Sample FRQ #1

Monday Sample FRQ #2

Wednesday Sample FRQs #1 and #2

Unit 14 Electrochemistry

Balancing Half Reactions Notes

Half Reaction Method WS

Standard Reduction Potential Table

Electrochem I (password is beaker250)

Electrochem II (password is beaker250)

Unit 13 Thermodynamics

Entropy Notes

Free Energy Notes

Thermo FRQs

Thermodynamics Practice FRQ

Unit 12 Thermochemistry

Unit 12 Notes & Example Problems

Chapter 5 Thermochemistry Review

Magnesium Enthalpy of Combustion Lab

Unit 11 Additional Equilibrium

Buffers Notes

Buffer & Titration Problems

FRA5 Possible Topics

FRA5 Review Questions

Titration Notes

Solubility Notes & Unit 11 Review

Half-Titration Lab

Unit 10 Acid Base Equilibrium

Unit 7 Acid-Base Notes Packet

First pH Practice & Review Questions

Acid-Base Virtual Lab

Ka Kb and FRQ Practice

Unit 9 Equilibrium

Chemical Equilibrium Part 1 & 2

Equilibrium Practice Problems

Equilibrium Review

LeChatelier Lab Info

Le Chatelier Lab Data Sheet

Unit 9 Equilibrium FRQ Practice

Unit 8 Kinetics

Kinetics Notes Packet

Kinetics Worksheets Packet

Crystal Violet Lab

Gravimetric Analysis Khan Assignment

FRA4 Possible Topics

FRA4 Extra Practice

Unit 7 Reactions & Solution Stoichiometry

Section 4.1-4.4 Guided Notes

ME, CIE, NIE Examples & Titration Basics

Redox Notes & WS 4 Equation Practice

Triangulating Aqueous Reactions

Solution Math Notes & Practice FRQ

Solution Math Review

Unit 6 States of Matter, IMFs, and Solutions

IMF Packet

Liquid Notes

Solids Notes

Solutions Notes

Intro to Heating Curves

IMFs Liquids & Solids Review

Separating Mixtures Notes

FRA3 Possible Topics

FRA3 Extra Practice

Unit 5 Gases

Gas Laws Notes

Gas Laws Examples

Gas Laws Practice WS

Gas Laws FRQ Practice

Air Bag Lab

Unit 4 Bonding & VSEPR

Bonding & IMFs Table

Geometries & Polarity of Molecules with Expanded Octets

Chemical Bonding Notes

Ch 8 and 9 Review

Bonding Lab

FRA2 Possible Topics

FRA2 Additional Practice

Unit 3 Electrons & Trends

Electron Honors Review

FRA1 Possible Topics

Chapter 6 Notes

Periodicity Notes

PES Notes


Chapter 6 & 7 Review

Electrons & Periodicity FRQ Practice

Unit 2 Stoichiometry

Mole Conversion & Empirical Formulas

Combustion Analysis & Stoich Notes

Unit 2 Practice Problems

Hydrate Lab

Unit 1 Atomic Structure

Lab Equipment Functions WS

Using Mental Arithmetic

Sig Fig Rules & Lab Map

Nomenclature Notes

Nomenclature Practice

Mass Spectroscopy POGIL

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