Solubility – single, compare, common ion, pH

MCA, review postponed to tomorrow
#84 Solubility Notes (continue p. 1-2)
-need to watch video from Wed

F: MCA16
T: MstChm 11.3 due by 11 PM
W: Half-Titration Lab (closed-toe shoes, pants)
R: MCA17
Current Reading: Ch 17
Up Next: Ch 5

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Collect Peer Review
Workday, conference as needed

Next Deadline(s)
-Sun: Methods 2nd draft (double spaced, word count minimum=800 words, no other sections, full bibliography, appendices)

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A bit of a redo

#23 Unit 11 Packet
• review pg. 2
• watch video for pgs. 3-4 (see this video)
• pgs. 5-9 due tomorrow before BQ

F: U11BQ
T: Unit 11 Test
W: LearnSmart Ch 12 due by 11:59 PM

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