Finish Buffers

#78 Buffers Notes (finish) (this video overlaps with Friday’s video regarding buffers)
#79 Buffer Problems
#82 Titration Notes (start) (5th period is a bit further, so I included that last part of that class as a 2nd video–however the first video is better overall for buffers)

T: MstChm 11.1 due by 11:59 PM
Current Reading: Ch 17

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Workday, conference as needed

Next Deadline(s)
-Sun: Methods 1st draft (name on document, double spaced, word count minimum=800 words, no other sections or full bibliography)

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Funnel Cake Day 2

Funnel Cake Lab – Day 2 (absent students will not be able to measure ingredients)

W: U10BQ
R: Unit 10 Test