MCA, start buffers

Collect Lab
MCA15, review
#77 Unit 11 Divider
#78 Buffers Notes (start today)
#79 Buffer Problems
#80 FRA5 Possible Topics
#81 FRA5 Practice Problems

F: Ka & Kb WS front due in class
Current Reading: Ch 17

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Workday, conference as needed

Next Deadline(s)
-Thurs: Intro &Lit Review Reflection (both parts)
-Sun: Methods Outline (no specific requirements beyond including name on document)

Funnel Cake Lab – Day 1

Review Back of #17
Funnel Cake Lab – Day 1 (calculations due F) (absent students: I will message you your given values via Edsby)

F: Funnel Cake Lab Calculations
by Friday: Funnel Cake supplies (not cold)
M: COLD supplies due
W: U10BQ
R: Unit 10 Test

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