Weak acid mixture, polyprotic acids, weak bases

#74 Unit 10 Acid-Base Notes Packet (p. 7-8)
Acid-Base Virtual Lab (due R)
#76 Ka & Kb WS (front due F)

W: MstChm 10.4 due by 11 PM
R: Acid-Base Virtual Lab due in class; MCA15
F: Ka & Kb WS front due in class
Current Reading: Ch 16
Up Next: Ch 17

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Workday, conference as needed

Next Deadline
-Sun: Methods Outline

Perfecting your stoich skills

Funnel Cake Lab Sign-ups (8th)
Review #17 Stoich WS (front)
#18 More Stoich WS (due tomorrow)

by Friday: Funnel Cake supplies (not cold)
M 2/3: COLD supplies due
W 2/5: U10BQ
R 2/6: Unit 10 Test

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