Autoionization, pH Math

#74 Unit 10 Acid-Base Notes Packet (p. 2-4)

R: MCA14; MstChm 10.2 due by 11 PM
Sun: MstChm 10.3 due by 11 PM
W: MstChm 10.4 due by 11 PM
Current Reading: Ch 16

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Intro & Lit Review Peer Review

Peer Review: Intro & Lit Review directions (log/file in Project section—see due date details below)

Next Deadlines
Thur in class: Peer Review—Part II
Thur by 11:59PM: Peer Review—Part I due
Sun: Introduction & Literature Review 2nd draft (name, double-spaced, word count minimum = 1,150)

Starting with Stoich

#14 Unit 10 Divider
#15 Intro to Stoich Notes (single HW problem at end of notes)

W: LearnSmart Ch 10 due by 11:59 PM
Funnel Cake Lab! (3 days)
W 2/5: U10BQ
R 2/6: Unit 10 Test

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