Le Chatelier’s Lab

Le Chatelier Lab

W: MstChm 9.3 due by 11 PM
R: MCA13
Up next: Ch 16

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Chief Reader Report Discussion

Group Activity: Dissect Chief Reader Reports (collect summary of discussion) (absent students will not be able to make up this discussion, but the Chief Reader Reports are all available near the bottom of the Worksheets & Handouts page for you to view and learn from)

Next Deadline
Sun: Introduction & Literature Review (name, double-spaced, word count minimum = 1,000)

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The A-MOLE-zing Race – Day 1

Review back of #12
A-MOLE-zing Race Lab (Day 1) (absent students will catch up with their group tomorrow)

T: Unit 9 Test
W: LearnSmart Ch 10 due by 11:59 PM

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