More practice & examples

Review #70 Equilibrium Review
#71 Additional Equilibrium Problems (answers to both AND THE OTHER PRACTICE #67 are in the 2nd video below)

W: Le Chatelier Lab (closed-toe shoes, pants)
MstChm 9.3 due by 11 PM
R: MCA13

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Lit Review short examples

Lit Review examples
Workday, conference as needed

Next Deadline
Sun: Introduction & Literature Review (1st draft, name, double-spaced, word count minimum = 1,000)

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Quiz, Molecular Formulas

Unit 9 Quiz (make-ups are at 8 AM on Wed, Thur, or Fri or at 3:30 PM Wed)
Review front of #12
#11 Molecular Formula Notes
#12 Empirical & Molecular Formulas WS (due tomorrow)

W: A-Mole-zing Race Lab (dry lab)
T 1/21: Unit 9 Test

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