Le Chatelier’s Principle

#67 Equilibrium Practice (selected problems)
#69 Le Châtelier’s Notes

Sun: MstChm 9.2 due by 11 PM
W: Le Chatelier Lab (closed-toe shoes, pants)
MstChm 9.3 due by 11 PM
R: MCA13
Reading: Chapter 15

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Outline push


Next Deadline
Sun: Outline Introduction & Literature Review
Other things to work on
Resubmits/updates to for application
Preparation for & start data collection
Read sample papers

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Practice quiz, percent composition

Review #7 Mixed Mole Conversions WS
#8 Practice Mole Quiz
#9 Percent Composition WS (due M)

T: Unit 9 Quiz
W: A-Mole-zing Race Lab (dry lab)
F 1/17: U9BQ
T 1/21: Unit 9 Test

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