MCA, temperature, speed, mass

Collect Peer Grade
MCA6, review
#35 Gas Law Notes
#36 Gas Law Examples

R: MstChm 5.1 due by 11 PM
F: Message Mastering updates by 3:30 PM
W: MstChm 5.2 due by 11 PM
F 10/18: Advanced WS due

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Journal check details, put up stars, being new conference cycle

Continue Presentations (small group, feedback collected each day)
Checklist, conferences (bring journal, take notes—these will be checked!)

M: Journal check (6 entries total)
Current Focus: Annotated Bibliography
Sun 10/20: Phase 2 Poster due

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Finish Electron Config, practice!

Finish #44 Electron Configuration Notes
#45 Electron Configuration Practice (due tomorrow)
#46 Unit 4 Test Review (due M)

M: U4BQ; Flame Test Lab due
T: Unit 4 Test
W: Ch 5 LearnSmart due by 11:59PM

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