Debrief Hydrate, Start Gas Laws

Debrief Hydrate Lab (due Wed)
#34 Unit 5 Divider
#35 Gas Law NotesĀ (all of the front side)
#36 Gas Law Examples
#37 Gas Laws Practice (front due Mon)

W: Quarter 1 Binder Quiz; Basic WS due
R: MCA6; MstChm 5.1 due by 11 PM
Message Mrs. Tait with any Mastering updates for Quarter 1 no later than 3:30 PM on Fri 10/11
W 10/16: MstChm 5.2 due by 11 PM
F 10/18: Advanced WS due

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Check teacher conference, checklist, conferences

Check Journal entry for teacher conferenceĀ (absent students: please show to Mrs. Tait upon your return to class)
Checklist, conferences (bring journal to conference, take notes!)

Sun: Phase 1 Poster due by 11:59 PM

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Lesson 4.2 and Atomic Emission Spectra

Review Lesson 4.2
#42 Spectra Notes
Voltage Box Demo

M: Flame Test Lab (closed-toe shoes required)
M 10/14: U4BQ
T 10/15: Unit 4 Test

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