I scream, you scream, we all scream for

ICE CREAM! (absent students will be provided make-up data when we return to school)

T 4/2: U13BQ; LearnSmart due by 11:59 PM
W 4/3: Unit 13 Test

Getting into Electrochem, the first of Galvanic cells

#97 Electrochem I Notes (# slides, slides 1-13)

Read Ch 20
*1-2 Review sessions a week (log on calendar—get 2-3 session for Spring Break)

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Last work day!

Log book/To Do list
1st Draft Academic Paper (log PD – due Sun)

Sun 3/17: 1st Draft of full Academic Paper (must include all sections and edits to Discussion & Conclusion—no word count check…yet)

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