Mixtures basics

Sign-up for ice cream supplies
#28 Unit 13 Divider
#29 Mixture Notes

F 3/15: Ice Cream Lab
T 4/2: U13BQ; LearnSmart due by 11:59 PM

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Debrief calorimetry lab, start entropy

Debrief Enthalpy of Mg Lab (due T)
#89 Unit 13 Divider
#90 Entropy Notes
#91 Free Energy Notes
#92 ΔH, ΔG, & ΔS Free Response
#93 Thermodynamics Practice FRQ

*1-2 Review sessions a week (log on calendar)
T: Enthalpy of Mg Lab due
W: MCA 19 & Quarter 3 Binder Quiz

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Submit to correct assignment!

Tips & Tricks:
- Upload to the correct assignment!
- Coming soon: House Conferences
Log book/To Do list–Work Day–Conferences


  • Disc/Conc due Sun 3/10; 625 word count min
  • 2nd draft F & A due Sun 3/10
  • Conc due Sun 3/10

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