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1. Need videos from Mrs. Tait? In the Recent section at the top right, click on the link titled “AP Chemistry Semester 2.” This post is the entire 2021-2022 second semester schedule with videos.

2. Need files to go with Mrs. Tait’s videos? Mouse over AP Chemistry at the top of the page. The AP Files page will contain links to any papers referenced in the daily agendas.

3. Looking for other non-Mrs. Tait resources? In the AP Chemistry Files page, scroll to the bottom and open the “Review Choice Board” file. This document was created for review and links to several other items that can be used for review. Of interest may be the COVID Review, Dingle Review Notes, and I Do, We Do, You Do options. These will be more detailed than some of the other options. Don’t forget about AP Daily videos and Khan Academy!

4. Do you need to get to another website? The Useful Links section has direct links to many of the websites that may be helpful.